Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I had the opportunity today to go to a training on how to train about robbery. I myself in my 6 years working in financial institions have been robbed twice. They invited a police officer who deal specifically with robby to come train us today. I was very excited for the opportunity to learn a better way to train my tellers on it. This officer talked to us in detail about robberies about how to protect yourself from being robbery, what to do during a robbery and about after. In his detailed presentation I kept flashing back to my robberies and the longer I was there the more nervous and scared I was becoming. And the officer ended by showing us a video of a fast food place being robbed at gun point. Needles to say I was scared. I talked to him after and he told me that I would probably have nightmares tonight about it. Even talking about it now makes me nervous. Well I guess we will see if I sleep well tonight.

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