Sunday, September 30, 2012

Austin City Limits

Ryan records a show every Saturday night called Austin City Limits that showcases different bands. Wilson found an episode that featured Coldplay and loved it. Since then he has watch it several time.

Yesterday we was riding in Ryan's car while his coldplay cd was on and Wilson said "this is Austin City Limits!" Once they got home Wilson wouldn't do anything until Ryan brought it in the house so he could listen to it.

This morning I was trying to get Wilson to get ready to take a shower, but he refused until I recorded him dancing to Austin City Limits! Here he is!!! Enjoy!

Friday, September 21, 2012


We decided to enroll Wilson in soccer this year to see if we liked playing sports. At first he wasn't a fan. He would always complain that we was too tired or we would see him at various places on the field (usually no where near any other players) spinning and doing summer salts). However, every game he gets a little more interested.

The things that he currently loves to do:
Team cheers
Run across the field like Sonic or Mario
Snacks (of course!)

 Here are some action shots from that last few games!

This is one of my favorite shots. It reminds me of a photo of bigfoot.

Snack time! Wilson's favorite part of the game!

This little gem is not easy to see but you get the idea of his cute run and something surprising happens at the end!