Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in review

Merry Christmas to all. I thought about blogging on Christmas day, but somehow the day went faster than I thought it would and so here we are. This Christmas has been fantastic. People are too kind and spending time with family has been the best part of it all.

On Friday I noticed the Jeeves had a large lump on his chin so after lots of tears and a trip to the vet we found out that he had probably been in a fight and now had an abscess under his chin that required surgery the following day to drain. And that he would heal just fine! These are pictures after the surgery. Jeeves is doing great now! He is still healing.

WARNING: theses pictures are kind of graphic)

Christmas for us has been a marathon that started the Sunday before and ended that Sunday after. Here is a review of the festivities
  • Moyes Christmas party! Wilson got a cool rocking horse that he loves!
This was his first time opening presents since his birthday and he was not amused.

Jeeves has been very loving and kind and sleepy since the surgery. Here he is sleeping by Ryan on the couch which before was almost unheard of.

  • The next Christmas part was at the Searles Christmas eve night. Here Wilson is with Emaw and Xia and Gwen eating.
  • Second Christmas eve party was the Thomas party. Here Wilson is with his second cousin Peighton she is about 3 weeks younger than him, but as you can see lots taller.
Then it was time to go home and go to bed. The following morning at about 8 am Wilson still wasn't awake, but we needed to wake him up to make time for every thing we needed to do that morning. Here he is still sleeping.

After a yummy breakfast of rice cereal and fruit it was time for our party to start. Here is Wilson's pile of presents.

Wilson got to sit with Daddy and get mad while he tried to get him to open presents. Still not amused by the wrapping Daddy did most of the work.

Once everything was opened Wilson enjoyed the presents he got!

Up next was a visit from Emaw, Papa and Poem.

Next it was time for a short nap and more visitors. Grandma, Grandpa, Jen, Sarah and Bayley!
  • Next party was at 1 pm it was the Hafey party
  • Then onto the Hettinger Party at 4 pm
  • Then on Saturday we had the Moyes party at 1 pm

Every year my mom makes pajamas for the kids. Here are most of them playing on the floor in them!

This is Wilson on the way home from there after I made the mistake of giving him a pen!

  • Last Christmas party took place on Sunday at the Hettingers. Every year we act out the nativity scene. This year Ryan and I were going to play Mary and Joseph, but when we got their our neice Sadie (age 4) told me that she wanted to by Mary and I could be a wiseguy. She took her part very seriously as you can see below. And continued to play Mary the rest of the night and a few times took her baby doll and layed it by Ryan and talked about their cute baby!
I really just wanted to add this picture in. Doesn't he look cute in my hat?

I am happy to report that Jeeves is almost better. He will probably have to wear his cone for another week or so but the Vet said he is looking good!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Wow I am such a blogging slacker lately. Well I would like to blame it on my cute son who hasn't decided if he is going to one nap or not which has left me with savoring every moment of when he naps and I am sorry to say that blogging is lower on my priority list than say taking a nap myself.

I can't believe Christmas is only 10 days away. Christmas last year was so much fun of course because we had our little man to enjoy it with, but I am even more excited for this year. I know he probably wont care, but at least we will be awake and maybe he will want to open presents!

I was so excited when a couple of weeks ago we put up the Christmas tree. We did it while Wilson was sleeping because well I am sure you can guess that we would not have gotten very far without some help. When he woke up from his nap and I took him into the living room and there was the tree he could not have been more unimpressed. I wish I could have gotten a picture he look and then looked away. It was really funny. Since then he has learned that it is really fun to pull ornaments off try to pull lights off and most of all he has learned that cats like to sleep under there and they are so much fun to come and talk to. (He learned quickly that is you try to pet them (or in Wilson's case pull their hair) they move so he has taken to laying on his belly and talking them them.

One other big announcement for Christmas Wilson gave us this present (it was a little early, but we didn't mind at all.)