Friday, August 19, 2011

State Fair

I am going to enter some photos into the state fair again this year. I want to do at least 2 maybe three. I need help deciding which ones to enter.

I am pretty sure I want to do the first picture, but am stuck after that. Opinions? Think artistic...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friday Night - Date Night

Since Ryan got a new job (don't think I have mentioned that) he has to ride trax to work. Wilson has been dying to ride on trax (he calls it the train).

Finally Friday I was feeling pretty good (didn't last) so we decided to take the train. We got on at about 1300 south and rode down to gateway to have dinner and see Ryan's new work.

This is Wilson so excited to get on the train!
Finally on the train and he is literally speechless. He loved it!

This is his quizzical look...

As soon as we got there he spotted the fountain and well we didn't hear the end of it during dinner until we took him to play. He loved it!

After the fountain we took a trip to Ryan's new office. Wilson thought it was so cool!

Then the trip home!

The whole trip was a success! It wont be Wilson's last trip on the train for sure!

Friday, August 12, 2011

A post a long time in the making

Not even sure where to start. A little over a year ago Ryan and I decided it was time to try to have another baby. Well to make a long story short, last year we had three miscarriages. I have debated for a year if I should post this or not, but I came to the conclusion that I should. Telling the world (or the short list of people who read my blog) helps me to feel more understood and maybe I could help someone else through the same struggles.

Two of the three happened on their own (which I am thankful for) and the other I had to have a D and C (while Ryan was out of town). Not a fun thing to go through, but was so blessed by family and friends during a hard time.

It was needless to say a hard year, but a year that made our family closer together. In January we were able to see a specialist who told us that as far as he could tell nothing was wrong with us, but bad timing between pregnancies and a 1 in 4 chance of everyone loosing a baby. He told us we needed to wait 6 months before trying again. And well, we are pregnant again!!!

We have had two ultrasounds so far and after the last one they told me we only had about a 1 to 2% chance of the same type of miscarriage. We are feeling really good about things. I am about 12 weeks along and sicker than a dog.

I have yet again been so blessed by family and friends to take care of me and my family during this hard time. Poor Wilson is bored out of his mind and doesn't really understand why I want to spend most of my time in bed. But people have been generous and have taken Wilson to their house to play. He loves it and it gives me time to rest. I am crossing my fingers that the sickness will get bearable soon.

I am so truly grateful to my Heavenly Father for the opportunity we have again to welcome another spirit into our family! I also know that sometimes we don't know or understand the trials we have to go through, but that they are his way of making us stronger people.

That being said February can not get here soon enough.