Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What did he just say?

I thought I should update Wilson's list of words. It seems like he learns a new word each day and I am losing track so here they are:

I know
Thank you
Oh No
Uh Oh
Let's go
Elmo (new today)
I love you (new today)
Dave (this is Jeeves I don't know how it came out to Dave, but it did)

It is the coolest things to watch him learn and grow so much everyday. I am so lucky!


I am now officially number 801 in line to read this book. WOW! I don't know if I can't wait that until after it comes out. I guess we will see.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ball Popper

Ryan's sister and family gave Wilson the cute ball popping toy this last Christmas. He liked it from the beginning, but the last few weeks it has turned into his favorite toy. The way it works is it has 5 light weight balls that you put in it. They roll down a tube and then pop out the middle when you push a button (that also makes noise). One day Wilson got really upset and came crying out of his room were followed him to find that he had put other stuff in his popper and he was upset that it didn't pop out. After that I decided to document when he started putting in it. So here we go:

This pictures shows some cream a cat toy and a Binky

This picture shows his Tylenol, the cream again, two of the balls that go in it and one that is to another toy that is too heavy to pop out.
Here is the Tylenol and the cream againThis one has a frog finger puppet and a gecko key chain
This is a pedometer
These are nail clippers
This is two of the correct balls, two of the incorrect balls, a cat ball and socks
This is two incorrect balls a lego, a frog puppet and a cat toy
These are just a few of the items he had put in there. My favorite part about the whole process is when he is playing with his toys in the living room and all of a sudden he gets really excited and stands up and then trots off to his bedroom. This is all because he found something he wants to put in is popper. He then proceeds to do so followed by him crying and making me go make the stuff pop out. I love this cute guy! So creative!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Our Kitchen is looking different!

Well as promised here are some of the pictures from our house. I have been trying to decorate and well it takes time and money, but we are making progress. This is what out kitchen looked like. We have had that table since we got married. I think a friend of my dads donated it to us. Well it has served us well for 5 years, but it was time to pass it on to my cousin whose family was in need of a table.

And here is our new one! Okay so not centered in this picture but we love it! We had been looking for a while and decided on this table. And we also added that picture! Both from ikea!!!Here is what it actually looks like today in there. I added that table cloth to protect my new table from cats and Wilson. I am in the process of looking for a table cloth that actually matches. On the back wall you can also see the plates and plate holder that have been added to my kitchen to give it some color!
And the newest addition or change I should say are these pots that I spray painted to match the black theme!

What have I been up to?

Ryan's little sister (so weird to say since she is only 4 months younger than me) had a baby shower this last Saturday and I really wanted to make something for her so this is what I decided to do. I had seen lots of these baby wipe clutches done in my ward and decided to give it a try. Most of the ones I had seen done were the kind that just open in half, but I could only find ones that had the little part in the middle ( you will see what I mean) so my dear friend across the street actually had one like that done and let me borrow it. Here is is what I used as my pattern. Cute huh?
I got my supplies and purchased a glue gun!

And here is my final product. Cute huh? It makes me very excited for the next baby present. I hope you like this Keri cause that means you!

On to my next project that same day. Like I have said in other posts I am working on decorating my house. My good friend/decorator suggested that I spray paint these because they don't go at all with the theme I am trying to create. So thank you Kellie for these cute posts I hope you don't mind that they are now black!
Got me some spray paint and went to the porch...

And here they are! They match my kitchen much better!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today Wilson had his first trip to the dentist! I don't think that the fact that he woke up this morning upset helped anything, but it went well. As soon as the dentist came over he started to cry, but that gave the dentist a chance to look at his teeth. He said everything looked good and to keep brushing.

Me on the other hand. No cavities but, my gums are in bad shape. Why didn't anyone tell me having a baby would be so hard on my gums????? Well, pray that I will keep flossing and they will get better.

Ryan's turn in a few weeks we will see how he does.