Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Longest blog post ever....

This post is a long time in the making. Ryan had to go out of town last week for work and so about two weeks ago I decided to plan a project to surprise him! So this is a small recap of my week last week.

Starting with Sunday night when we dropped Ryan off at the airport. So sad. He was gone from Sunday night until Friday night. Needless to say I was getting ready for a hard week ahead of me. And little did Wilson know that he wouldn't be seeing daddy for a while.

So we got home I put the baby to bed and got to work. Here is our kitchen before! Sunday night I took all the door's off and started to take the hinges off. By the end my hand was killing me (I had to do it all by hand).

So here is no door and no drawers. Please don't mind the mess that it created and don't notice how messy our cupboards are with no doors.
Monday morning we took the door and drawers over to my dad (he was soooooo soooo kind and he sprayed them so they would look so nice!). Then I think it was Thursday by the time I got the primer from dad so I could prime everything left at home. Tammy was soo soo kind to take Wilson while I did it. Funny story. I told her I only needed an hour and I was surprised when I was done in a hour. I went and got him then came home to take this picture and when I looked at it I noticed something looked wrong. Can you find it?
Yep that is right I totally missed the entire bottom half. So that night after I put the baby to bed I had to paint some more.
Here is everything primed finally! And TADA!!!!! The final product. Dad was so kind to come out Friday and put on hinges and hang everything. And he did it all. By Friday Wilson was so stuck to me thinking I might leave him too, and having a week that was totally messed up with hardly any naps that I couldn't put him down.
If you ignore the dishes and random things in the room and image that they have nice knobs it looks 100 times better! THANKS DAD!

So my dad spent all week painting for me. Most of Friday at my house finishing and then took Wilson and mom and I to dinner. What a great dad!!!

Friday night we went and picked up Ryan and went home. It took Ryan from I think 9 until 11 before he even went in the kitchen to notice my surprise and I am so glad that he really likes it!

Saturday we got to relax for a little bit and then it was time to take the big boy to his first UTAH football game!

He did so much better than I thought he would. He spend most of the game just hanging out. My favorite part was when he stood in front of me holding on to the chairs in front of us and when the crowd would cheer he would start to scream oh and try to pull the hair of the guy in front of us. People around us were so kind and nice to him!

And last picture. Yesterday I decided that Wilson's hair was getting too long so I borrowed our friends clippers and clipped away. It went a little shorter than I wanted but it still looks good.

And since he got his dad's hair it will grow back in like two weeks.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Wilson often enjoys putting his toys in his mouth. In fact that is pretty much what he always does. Well yesterday I was lucky enough to have the camera ready while he "played" with his cute money Rachel and Brandon gave him in the hospital! Precious isn't he?!?!?!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I feel like so much is going on in life, but at the same time nothing is. I know that doesn't make sense, but I feel like I often don't make sense so that is okay.

Wilson is growing so much. He now scoots everywhere around the house! He still hasn't figured out that crawling would be faster, but that is okay by me cause I can still keep up with him. He has also learned how to sit up from laying on his stomach and how to pull himself up on stuff. If feels like everyday he is doing something new! He is so much fun and exciting to have around!

Other than all of that I guess life is just the same. This last month has been really busy for Ryan at work and there have been many days he has had to work late. Young Woman's has been going well for me we have finally got more people called in to help which is a big weight off my shoulders! I am going to be tutoring some girls to help them pass their GED this week and next which I am so excited about. I miss math (weird I know, but I have always loved math).

Oh and of course Football season is here! Ryan and I went to the first UTAH game last week. It was so much fun! The stadium was packed and of course we won!!! GO UTES!!!