Sunday, February 17, 2008

Date Night

Ryan took me out last night for a date! We first went to go see the move Juno again. We went to a mantinee showing of it so naturally the thearter was almost empty. Ryan and I love to sit on the front row and put our feet on the bar. We were sitting on the right side of the theater and there were about 10 seats between us and these other peope. Right before the show started these two older ladies decided to climb over the people sitting on the front row and come sit right next to me. One of the ladies turned to me and said that they had some friends coming and they needed to save them some seats. I was a little bugged that they sat right next to me, but I understood if they needed to save some seats. Then a couple came and sat right behind Ryan and I and I noticed that they had a bag of popcorn. If you know me then you know that I HATE popcorn or any kind of food that makes noise when you eat it. I was dreading the first half an hour of the movie because that is usually about how long it takes for people to eat their popcorn. I was delighted that this couple was actually quiet about eating their popcorn, but that they were noisy with the bag. They kept passing it back and forth and shoufling the popcorn inside it and honestly after about a half an hour they weren't done. In fact they ate that bag of popcorn through the whole movie!!!!

But don't worry the story gets even better. As the show started to get going and it kept getting funnier the old ladies sitting next to me (who by the way never had anyone show up and come sit by them) kept making comments to each other. I could tell they thought they were wispering but were hard of hearing so they were talking pretty loud. Their comments most often were funny, they were generally repeat a line of the movie they thought was funny and then laught. At one point in the movie someone was laughing so hard they snorted and everyone in the theater heard and started laughing. I turned to Ryan and said "this is the loudest movies I have ever been too (and I said it really loud)" and right on que the gentlemen sitting right behind us starting drinking his drink and it was all gone.

All in all it was actually funny to be there with so much noise Ryan and I laughed so hard!!!

Well after that we decided to try and brave going to Cheese cake factory. Well so did like 100 other people. The wait was 2 1/2 and I didn't want to wait until 10:00 pm to eat. So we go some cheese cake to go and then went down the street to Mimi's cafe. It was really yummy!!! Then we went home!!!

What a fun date!!!

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