Friday, July 27, 2012

Warning - Picture overload

I am getting behind in my blogging so I thought I would do one quick post to catch up! On July 11th which happens to be my niece Jessica's birthday I surprised Wilson with a trip to 7-11 for a free slurpee. While he was happy to get a slurpee he was sad it wasn't bigger...

On Sundays Wilson loves to match Ryan. Two Christmas's ago I got Wilson and Ryan matching ties here they are together!

Here is Elsie in her bumbo Sunday smiling at her daddy while he brushes his teeth!

The Monday a week before the parade they give an opportunity to go see the floats and have some other fun stuff for kids. This was our first year and we went with my sister and her kids.

They did face painting!

Elsie took a nap!

They played games and got balloons!

On the 24th of July we went to the parade with my family then spent some time with my mom and then had dinner and played games with Ryan's family. Sadly the only picture I took that day was Elsie sleeping at the parade
Yesterday we went with 4 of Ryan's sisters and their kids to the zoo!
I decided to take Elsie in the stroller so that meant Wilson had to walk. Every time I turned around it looked like Wilson was trying to hitch a ride with someone else. Jessica and her mom Angie were usually the nice ones.

This was our first time to the new part at the zoo. We loved the polar bear!
The tigers this year were playing in the water and this tiger was playing with this ball!

At one point Wilson got really hot so I poured some water on his head. He loved it and everyone told him he look awesome with his hair spiked!
It was a long hot day so when we got home everyone crashed!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It just occured to me the other day how fast Elsie is getting her hair. She was born with lots of cute strawberry blonde hair

Then she started to loose it and get that old man balding look

As you can see she is sad about it too

It has come back and then some. I still can't decide what color it is going to be. It is coming in more blonde than before.

On a different note she loves to play and eat her foot. I love it!!!

Blessing Day

I know it has been two months since Elsie's blessing and I feel bad I haven't posted about it yet. I was waiting until I took some pictures of her in her dress, but I didn't actually do it until yesterday.

Elsie was blessed May 6th, but my darling husband.

While I felt like it was a lot of work to get everything together for the party after the blessing especially since we decided to do it in our backyard they day went well.

It seems that I am never more proud to have Ryan as a husband and a father to my children then on their blessing day. I am so grateful that he honors his priesthood and is a wonderful role model for them.

First thing in the morning mom came over with Elsie's dress. (My mom made both Elsie and Wilson's blessing outfits out of my wedding dress, which she also made). Her dress was very similar to my wedding dress. It was just one of those special things!

Here we are in front of the church before sacrament meeting.

The blessing was beautiful, Ryan did a wonderful job!

Here is the party afterwards. It was a lot of hard work to get our yard ready, but I must say it turned out well.

We had Cafe Rio salads for lunch! They turned out yummy. And tons of desserts brought by our family. 

Wilson especially enjoyed having all our family over.

And two months later I finally took pictures of Elsie in her dress.