Thursday, May 31, 2012


This February Wilson started preschool. There is a lady in our neighborhood who does preschool from her home 2 days a week and came highly recommended from a friend. We thought it would be a good opportunity for Wilson to socialize and learn more. Here is Wilson on his first day of preschool
In the car on the way to school
Here is Wilson with his teacher Miss Heidi (he LOVES her!)
Miss Heidi comes and gets Wilson from the car and take him into everyday of school
Since Wilson's Birthday is in November he only got to do a half year of school, but he LOVED it!!! For their graduation each child has to dress like the sound of the letter they are assigned. Wilson got G. So we dressed him up as a gift.

Here he is trying on his costume
Here is Wilson waiting for graduation to start

Here is the alphabet parade. He got to speak into the microphone and say "Gift starts with G"

Here he is accepting his diploma

He kept trying to hide in his box...

Picture with Dad and Elsie

And of course a picture with Miss Heidi

We are sad preschool is over, but look forward to going again in the fall!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


My sweet girl is now 3 months old! Time really does fly. She is such a sweet girl. She loves to smile and talk! She has strong legs and is good at standing. She tries her hardest to set up which is so cute! My sweet baby however, suffers from reflux. She is on three different medications to try to help her. Sadly things aren't going great lately but we are hoping to get some more answers soon.

I love this little darling with all my heart and can't imagine life without her!

This is Elsie in her bouncer. One of the only places she will let us put her down. Not looking terribly happy to be there. 
 Peacefully sleeping
 This is her waking up stretch

 This is probably my current favorite outfit! Probably because it is purple. I LOVE IT!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Surgery Day

After having numerous ear infections and throat infections over the past year it was decided it would be best if Wilson has his tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put in. After a lot of thought we decided to go through with the surgery hoping that it would improve his health.

Wednesday was the big day. We did our best the night before to explain things simply and tried to make it not sound scary. Since Elsie couldn't go with us to the hospital we decided to have Ryan stay home with her until she woke up and then He would take her to his parents house and meet us at the hospital.

 Here is Wilson on our way to the hospital at 7 am. He seemed pretty excited.

There was a fish tank in the waiting room to help keep us distracted for a little while.

Once we finally got taken back to the pre-op room. They took Wilson vitals and gave him some tylenol and something to help him relax and forget what was happening. Then we had to put on his hospital gown (this was the point that he started to get scared. He was so upset and didn't want to change his clothes, but eventually he did). Then the surgeon came in to answer any questions and then the anesthesiologist came to talk to Wilson about going to sleep. Then the anesthesiologist too him away. They then lead me into my own little room to wait. They had drinks, snacks and magizines to help pass the time. About 30 minutes in Ryan joined me.

The surgery took less than an hour and they called us into this room with a chair. They had me sit down and put Wilson in my arms. The poor kid was so disoriented and sad while he was still coming out of the anesisia. (The anestilioligist told us that Wilson did better than any other kid he has ever dealt with).

It was so sad to see Wilson so sad and in so much pain.

It took a bit, but eventually he really woke up and started to feel a little better. And we were able to take him home.

Wilson was able to take his favorite stuffed animal George with him the whole time. Everything that they put on Wilson they also put on George. I didnt take picture before Wilson took most of it off, here are some of the things George got.
This is Wilson at home a few hours after. Once we got some pain medicine in him he felt a lot better.
This lucky boy got a visit from him friends Whitney, Michael and Sam who gave him an awesome present. Also, his aunts Sarah and Jen came to visit and brought him strawberry ice cream!

For the first two days he needed medicine every four hours to feel okay. Nights were the worst because his throat would get dry and hurt more. Now in day three he is doing lots better! Hopefully it is smooth sailing from here. Wilson honestly handled things really well. He is such a big brave boy!

For the sake of posterity

I thought I should post this story on our blog. So one day I can embarrass Wilson has much as this embarrassed me. We took a family trip to Smiths today for groceries. We had one thing left to get when Wilson announced that he needed to go to the bathroom. So I sent Ryan to finish shopping and I took Wilson to the bathroom. Wilson is now 3 1/2 and is getting more and more independent everyday. Today as we walked into the bathroom he told me he was going to go by himself. We walked towards the stalls and Wilson picked one with someone right next door. I let him go in and I stayed right outside his stall. He went in and locked the stall. No more than 3 seconds later I hear the lady next door in a loud annoyed voice say "EXCUSE ME!" At first I wondered if she was asking me for something then I though I should see what Wilson is doing. I peeked under the stall and sure enough Wilson was on his hands and knees looking at the lady... I was frozen. What do you say when this happens. Does this happen to anyone but me? I yelled for Wilson to stop and then waited for what seemed like an eternity for him to finish and open the door. As soon as he did I picked him up (skipping the hand washing) and booked it out of there. Good thing he is such a cute kid!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It seems like I have been taking a lot of random pictures lately. I don't want to miss out on the chance to blog about them so here they are in one long post! After having misplaced my small camera for about two months. With the help of Ryan and my missing phone I found it!!! Wilson loves this camera it is just his size and anytime I pull it out he wants to take picture too. So here are a few of his best pictures!

This one is my personal favorite!
About two weeks ago I scored at a garage sale with a scooter for Wilson. His cousins all have one and loves riding them. I was ecstatic when I found one his size and for a steal at $3!
We took it to Ryan's parents for him to play on Sunday and his cousins brought theirs too.
On a side note I decided to ride one of theirs for fun and totally hurt my foot. I am really getting that old?

This was my attempt at some action shots. How cute is this kid?
Wilson and me hanging out while Elsie was sleeping. Not a common occurrence yet (still working on the whole sleeping thing) so we had to document!
For a family home evening a few weeks ago we took the kids to the temple. This was one of the family pictures (minus me) we attempted.

At the end I told Wilson I wanted to take a picture of him and to smile for the camera and these are what I got...

This is how we often find Wilson before we go to bed.

And finally my sweet baby girl is getting so big. Well old, not really big. Here she is rolling over! Honestly she probably could have done it a lot sooner if I would put her on her tummy more. So cute!