Friday, April 27, 2012

Kitty Field Trip

One of Wilson's favorite teachers from nursery invited us over to her house to see her baby kittens today. We decided to go with some of Wilson's favorite friends Whitney (Wilson and her have quite the bond!), Michael and Sam. We met at their house and decided to walk over. Who knew trying to get a picture of a 4, 3,3,2 year olds would be so hard. Best I could do! Aren't they cute?!

Sam really liked holding Wilson's hand. I love it!
We are on our way!

I handed Elsie off and I was in kitty heaven!!! The kids kept bringing kitties to me!Of course I HAD to take them!
This one loved my shoulder!

All the kids loved the kitties. They chased them all around the room and played with snakes and strings.

Wilson especially loved holding the kitties. Every time I turned around he had a different kitty

 Thanks Duncan family for letting us come over. Kitty field trips are the BEST!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The guys

You may remember this post about Wilson and all of his animals in his bed.

 Well here we are again. Wilson tries to put as many of his guys in his bed to go to sleep. It is fun to try to find Wilson in the midst of all of them!

Two Months

Sunday Elsie turned was two months old. It is just crazy how fast it has gone. It is so exciting to see how she grows and learns. She smiles so much and loves to talk to us as well. She loves her brother and smiles at him when he is near. Here are her stats

Length 22 3/4 in 50%
Weight 10 lbs 2 oz 50%
I can never seem to remember her hear circumphrance but it was 50% as well.

We finally have her reflux under control so she is now sleeping so much better. We have good days and bed days, but overall there is a definite improvement. She as been sleeping around 6 hours at night and last night she went close to 7!

Out of curiosity I went and found what Wilson's stats were when he was two months old. It was fun to see the difference. If you are interested click here.

I love this sweet girl and can't imagine my life without her!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hair Flower

I found a pattern for easy hair flowers today on pinterest and instantly set out to get the supplies to make them! They were so easy and fast.

Wilson being the good brother that he is decided to try them on first for Elsie.

Love this kid!

While Wilson does look cute, I think Elsie wears them very well!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Napping at the sametime!!!

This is probably a once in a lifetime occurrence and of course I am wasting my freedom on the computer.

Time Flies

I can't believe my kids are growing up so fast.

Wilson is 3 1/2 and so smart. He picks up on everything (good and bad) and has such a thirst to learn! Love my little man!

Elsie is now 2 months old. She is as happy as a clam most of the time. She smiles when you look at her and even talks! Love my gorgeous girl!

On a side note it is so weird that I can now say my kids... I have two. How weird is that?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Circus Trick

This morning I got Wilson's clothes out and asked him to get dressed. Before I knew it I turned around and he looked like this! He told me this was his Circus trick!

Note: He first put his red shirt on as pants, then his underwear on, then his pants!

Where he gets his ideas I don't know, but man is he funny!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friday Fun!

Last week I did a photo shoot for a friend. Wilson loves their whole family and was so excited to spend so much time at their house! Even better they just put up their trampoline! He was so cute and did so well! Here are a few picts of his fun day!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


*Disclaimer - It has taken me two days to write this post so I have no desire to try to get the pictures in the right order, but you get the idea.

Holidays around here are always a marathon event. We have lots of family and lots of parties to attend. This year Easter started Saturday night with an egg decorating party. This is the first year that Wilson has really been able to decorate eggs by himself. He thought it was so much fun! If we would have let him I think he would have decorated all six dozen eggs.

Then Easter morning Wilson woke up ready to see not only what the Easter bunny brought him, but where he hid his basket.

Then after church we had a party with my mom's family which always includes family pictures and an egg hunt.

After that we headed to Ryan's family for dinner and an egg hunt there!

And last but not least we then went to my dad's families for dessert (not pictured, I must have been pictured out by that point)

This is the egg hunt with Ryan's family.
Ryan helping Wilson look for eggs

Wilson checking out his loot with his Aunts

This is cute Alex checking out his eggs! I love this picture! And if you look close this is one of the maybe three pictures I took of Elsie. This is about all she did that day.

Our first Family picture. Wilson looks so happy about it!

His Easter basket from Aunt Marlene

Easter morning - On the hunt for his basket

He walked around for a while and couldn't find it. We hinted towards the dryer and he finally decided to look inside.

Coloring eggs at Grandma and Grandpas

Elsie that night. She was worn out!