Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is he staring at me???

I am probably one of few people in the world who have a picture of that actual first time they met their spouse. Ryan was in a fraternity in college and I was in a sorority we had an activity together. We were put into groups and given a bag of random stuff and had to come up with a skit based around a theme. The picture to the left is of us trying to figure out what we were doing. Ryan is the one far to the right staring at me while I dressed up one of his friends. In the end we actually dressed Ryan up as aunt Jamima. It was way funny. At one point I got a video of all of this, but it somehow dissapear??? I don't think we actually talked that night, however Ryan claims to have tried to talked to me. I guess we will never know. A couple of months later is when we started dating and it took me a couple of dates to remember where I had met him before and I think he was hoping I wouldn't remember.

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