Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls Camp

So as you know I am so lucky right now to be searving in Young Womans and yes it is that time of year. You guessed it Girls Camp. I am so lucky to be working with our camp leader on girls camp this year. I am super super excited for it. As of right now I don't really know how much I will actually be there (sad I know), but even working on it I can feel the spirit of camp. I am currently typing up all of the camp songs for their books and memories are flooding back from girls camp. What an amazing thing camp is! Heavenly Father knows that these girls need this time. So they can be our in nature and become not only closer to each other, but closer to Him.

Here are a few of my fav camp songs that I have typed up. I hope you get them stuck in your head!!!

Candle on the Water

Princess Pat

Ann Marie



Sunday, June 21, 2009

So am by no means as clever as Ryan when it comes to posts, but I did want to take a minute to post about how wonderful my husband is. Now only is he a wonderful husband, but he is a fantastic father. He cares and loves so much for Wilson. I love when he calls to talk to us during the day because he misses Wilson so much. I love that he sneaks into his room the morning before he leaves to give him a kiss. Ryan works so hard for our family and so that Wilson and I can stay home.

I have always known that Ryan would be a wonderful father and it has been so exciting to see him the last 7 months be a father. To hug and kiss Wilson and care so much for him and his growth and development. One of the coolest things I was able to experience was when Ryan was able to give Wilson a name and a blessing. I could truly feel his love for Wilson.
Thanks for being an amazing father.
We love you!

Happy Father's Day Daddy

I am the luckiest girl ever to have the wonderful dad that I have. He is so kind and gentle and not just to his children and grandchildren, but to anyone he meets. I admire so much how can makes friends with anyone he comes in contact with and that he would do almost anything he could to help them. I admire how smart he is. How he can pick on things so quickly. Also, how handy he is. I love that I can call him with a question about my house and he will automatically know the answer. I love how much my dad loves and takes care of not only his parents but my moms dad as well. I love so much watching him with his grand kids. It is so fun to watch him teach them things and play games and tease them. I love my dad so much. Anyone would be lucky to be his friend, but I am luckiest to be his daughter!

I love you dad. Happy Father's day.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time for a change

After looking at Sarah's blog yesterday I feel in love with this new layout. It was time for a blog layout makeover. And while it was a lot of work getting it put together here it is and I love it!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Yep that's right. Yesterday was my bday! I am the big 26! I feel like I am at a turning point. I don't feel young anymore. I think it all started Tuesday night. Our relief society every months hosts a party for all people that have a birthday that month and it was June birthdays. As they were passing out the pie they would ask everyone how old they were going to be. First lady was 58 second 43 and then it was my turn and I said 26. Now normally it seems like have always been the young one and I always get comments about how young I am, but this time I didn't get anything.... I honestly was stunned. Nothing I got nothing. I guess I am no longer the young one. I guess it didn't help that the next person said she was turning 20! Oh well.

So the birthday celebration actually started Thursday because Ryan took both Thursday and Friday off! Hooray it was so nice to have him home! So Thursday morning we went to the best breakfast place ever.. George's well now it is called Roundhouse Cafe, but to me it will always be Georges.

Then Friday morning I got to start my day off with this happy face!

After feeding my little guy we decided to have some cuddle time on the floor!

Next it was time to get dressed. As I was looking through his drawers I started looking at hats that he had never warn and decided to try them on. He loved them!

Next we went to see Angels and Demon (worthy of a post on its own) which was so good. We thought we had timed it right so the Wilson would sleep through a good majority of the movie, but he didn't like our plan and only slept about an hour of it. Ryan was so sweet to take care of him so I could watch the movie! After all that he decided to get all tired in the car.

After that we decided to take a family picture. This is how good it went!

Then we headed to the Olive Garden for an early dinner. I was so excited I have been wanting to try the Lasagna Rolotini they have been advertising.

Were hoping so much that the baby would be good so we could have a good dinner!

While we waited for dinner Wilson enjoyed some water via a straw! That always keeps him happy at least for a little bit.

However the happiness was short lived and got mad pretty quick. But we were lucky enough to finish eating before the breakdown really happened. By the way the dinner was sooooooo good!

We ended the night with a nice walk around the neighborhood and a good game of Five Crowns were Ryan proceeded to not let me win on my birthday. All in all it was a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Give Away today

I have told you before, but I will tell you again. Give Away today is the awesome website that gives away free things everyday and today they are giving away things from 9 different companies including a hair salon and a day spa! Check it out!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Lately I have been taking naps with Wilson on our couch. Today we were getting ready for our nap and I put him down so I could hurry and eat lunch and he decided to start without me!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Has anyone seen my social skills????

I am pretty sure I left them at work. I hate to blame this on my poor little baby but honestly it feels like since I have started to stay home that my social skills have started to go downhill. I must have given them away at birth. I sure hope he uses them well! Before I had Wilson I felt pretty confident in myself in most situations that at least I wouldn't say anything dumb, but most of the time I would be confident and could handle myself pretty well. Well it seems like that has changed I feel like I say things now that I never would have said and I find myself in the awkward pauses and I don't know what to say. I guess I just need to get out more and talk to adults. I remember several people telling me something about this. It usually was someone talking about their friend and how they stayed home and they felt like they needed to talk to adults. I remember thinking that I wouldn't have that problem. I knew that I would at least talk to Ryan everyday and probably my mom and sisters, but it turns out that isn't enough. Well if you find yourself talking to me and I am awkward and weird please be patient with me....I am still trying to figure out where I left them.

Come back social skills I miss you!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What have we been up to?

So to be honest about a month ago our house got broken into. We weren't home or anything and we are okay it has just been hard trying to recover from it. So I have been taking a break from blogging well that and I had to get a new camera and I have been to lazy to download the software. So today I finally did it and have picture galore! So first set of pictures are Ryan and I celebrating our 4 anniversary! We had my parents watch the little guy and we went to the counter burger. Yum yum yummy yum. If you have gone please go. It is so good. Then after that we went and got in the hot tub at my parents. It was nice and relaxing. It was Wilson's first time in and he love it!

Wilson recently started drinking from a sippy cute. He loves it, but still hasn't figured out when to stop so he often if covered in water!

In other news Jeeves has decided that he wants to be an outside cat. A while ago he just started screaming at the door until finally we had enough and let him go outside. The first day was hard because he was gone for a good 8 hours and thought he wasn't coming home, but since then we have gotten him a collar with a bell and can find it pretty easily that and he come when we call him for the most part.

Well that is our update. It is nice to finally get back to this. I have missed it a lot!

6 Months

Well Wilson is actually 6 1/2 months old now, I am just a super super slacker on posting lately. We went to the doctor and he weighs an amazing almost 19 lbs. WOW!!! He is 75th percentile in both weight and head, but between 75-90 for height. You would not believe how many comments I get about his not missing any meals. Yep he is a big squishy adorable boy. He is healthy and doing well. He has been sitting up on his own for a good month now. We are still working on the rolling over from back to from. I think his weight has something to do with that. It is a lot of work trying to roll that over! So no crawling of anything yet. And thank heavens I just am not ready for that. I know it is going to come sooner than I want no matter what I do. So here cute boy is sitting up!
Also, in the last month and a half Wilson has started solids! As you can see here not always his favorite thing, but slowly he is starting to really like them!

No Tomatoes this year...

So thanks to my wonderful neighbor Laraine and adorable husband I decided to plant not only a flower garden, but a vegetable garden! Wow I sure had no idea how much work both kinds of gardens are. Not only am I trying to take care of my little guy, but trying to water and weed two gardens is hard work. Well needless to say Wilson comes first, then watering and if I have time I weed. Well I am sure you can guess what has happened to my gardens. Still I am trying.

So this is a picture of my sad flower garden. Never in my life have I cared about flowers, but for some reason now I do. No thanks to our clay like dirt I am still trying to a nice garden. With the help of my wonderful neighbors including one who gave me starter plants this is what it looks like so far. Next year I am thinking of digging up all my clay and replacing it with real dirt, but we will see what happens.

These are probably my favorites at the moment. They are called flax and they are so simple and sweet and oh yes purple!

Now as for my vegetable garden. I am sure you can see all of the weeds from the picture, what what you can't see are the snails. Well I can't see them either, but they are all four well five of my tomato plants. Ryan loves tomatoes and is so sad that our garden will not have any. Sad I know, but I don't want to keep replacing them for the snails to eat.
Here is a picture of one of my eaten tomato plants.

Now this is a lovely picture of some of my spinach!

And even better this is my lettuce. I also have peas and carrots!