Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ahoy hoy

I am sure my son isn't unique is his love for electronics, especially cell phones. From a very early age he has loved to play with them, hold them, push their buttons. But lately it has been taken to a whole new level. First it was that he would pick up a phone hold it to his ear and say "hello". So cute, I can't even tell you! Now even more advanced is that it doesn't have to be a phone. At first he used things that were well not phones but made a little sense like remotes and i pods. But it gets even better here are a list of the things he has used as a phone:

hot wheels cars (a favorite of his)
hand held games (solitaire and free cell)
macaroni noodle

Once in a while I catch him with something to his ear and he is having a conversation. Usually walking around not looking at anything (picture someone talking on the phone and you get the picture). The first time it happened I was in the bathroom doing my hair and he started talking so I turned around to talk to him and he was "on the phone" talking to someone else!

I love my creative little man!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My dad just sent me this collage he made of Wilson. Isn't he so cute!?! Thanks Dad!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Swimming Pool!

I have recently learned the art and passion of yard selling. My good friend goes almost every week in the summer and I tagged along with her last week. SO much fun. You can find stuff for so cheap! And it is so fun to see what you can find. This week I went by myself and I found this swimming pool for Wilson for $2! I think they are like $10 in the store. So today we tried it out. Wilson LOVED it! Here's to finding new and cool stuff next time!

No Pictures

Yesterday was quite an eventful day at our house. As I was in the bathroom doing my hair and Ryan was downstairs in the shower I noticed that Wilson was being really quite. I went out in the living room to find him drawing with a pen on my couch and on his shirt. So frantically I tried to get the ink out and was excited when it came out immediately with hair spray! I feel like I have been lucky so far that there have been no big accidents as far as Wilson's curiosity is concerned and when the ink came out right away I feel extremely lucky.

Well my luck wouldn't last long. About a half an hour later I was back the bathroom this time I decided I wanted to change my toenail polish. I had my color picked out and was taking off the old stuff when Wilson found the new one and took it to the other room. Ryan attempted to take it away by me (being so naive) said that he couldn't get it open and could play with it until I needed it. Well about 2 seconds later I hear a loud "NO" come from the other room. Turns out Wilson is stronger than I thought and had opened it and poured it out on the carpet! Well after working on it for a while I still have a pink stain on my carpet... here is to hoping a little more work will get it out.

Terrible twos here we come!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another installment of...Thursdays with the Hettingers

Knowing that today would be hot and in the 90's I decided that Wilson (knowing how much he loves water) would enjoy running through the sprinkler out front. And boy was I right. Right from the moment he got wet it was loads of fun. He would run in and get wet and cold and then run back out! Only to then run back in. This fun only lasted about 30 minutes but it cooled him down and I got some picture fun in for myself!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Once in a lifetime?

Today I was at my aunts house outside when a bird flew over my head and yes you guess it pooped on my head. So gross! It got me thinking how many people can really say that has happened to them? Which lead to me to think about the other things that have happened in my life that are once in a lifetime things.

So here is my list (in no particular order):

1. Had bird poop land on my head
2. Been robbed twice at work (both financial institutes)
3. Fell and knocked out most of my top teeth and had to wear dentures for a few years
4. Had my ear drums burst 3 times
5. Was baptized in the tabernacle on temple square
6. I shook President Monson's hand

Okay so my list isn't very long. I am going to keep working on it. If any of you have experienced the same things leave me a comment and tell me about it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursdays with the Hettingers

Bet you wish you were part of our family! Tonight we decided after dinner to go out front and give Wilson a Popsicle and see what happened! My boy loves his sugar and sugar on a stick was right up his alley!
Yummy from the very first lick!

This is Wilson's famous super excited face. I need to try to get it on camera one day because he shakes when he gets this excited.

The following are a series of pictures in which Ryan dropped Wilson Popsicle in the dirt and then stood there while he ate it. A little dirt never hurt anyone...right?

Jeeves was there to supervise the whole thing.

After Popsicle time we went for a walk in Wilson's new wagon (my wonderful sister gave him)

I wonder what exciting thing we will think of next Thursday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So busy

Do you ever feel like your life gets so busy you don't have time to blog then by the time it slows down you have so much to blog about you just don't? Well that is me right now. So many things have happened in the last few weeks I don't even know where to start. So I guess I will start with a recap and post pictures later.

I guess it has been two weeks now Ryan took the day after memorial day off and we took Wilson to the zoo! It was a little rainy but nice. I had been looking forward to taking him to the zoo for the past few months thinking he would be in heaven with all the cool animals around. Well I guess it was a little early for that. Don't get me wrong we had a good time and Wilson had fun, but not the kind of fun I thought he would have. He like the animals okay, but I think he was a little unimpressed with them. Because we have two cats at home that he adores I thought for sure the tigers would be his favorite. I think he just thought they were just like his cats only these ones he couldn't even chase around. So the highlight of the trip for Wilson was a little rabbit in the small animals building that was sitting right by the glass. All in all it was a way fun trip. I will post pictures soon!

Last week I spent the first half of the week getting ready for Youth Conference and the last half being there. I had so so so much fun. We went to Wyoming (which is a state I vote to never live in). We saw some of the sites that the pioneers crosses. Way cool experience! My wonderful parents watched Wilson the first day I was off and Ryan took the next too. Thanks to all who helped I couldn't have had a good time if I didn't know he was in such good hands. For sure a post to follow!

Saturday was my Birthday! 27 can you believe it? I can't...I feel like I am about 20. Well my cute young woman and leader surprised me as we were packing up with presents! Including a feather boa, sunglasses that said Happy Birthday on them, a crown and a birthday hat! I LOVED IT! But I have to admit the best part of my birthday was getting to come home to Ryan and Wilson (even if Wilson wasn't happy to see me)!

I woke up Monday morning to find my cute husband still in bed with me. I asked him jokingly if he was taking the day off to have fun with me and to my surprise he said yes. He had gotten the day off weeks before because he knew that I wouldn't have had much of a birthday to that point because of youth conference and church. So he took the day off!!! He even got the key to his sisters pool so we could go swimming if the weather was good. I was so surprised and happy. We had a fantastic day! Ryan started our day off by getting us breakfast at McDonald's. We packed a lunch and ate in the car because we ended up going swimming but the water was freezing cold so we left quickly. I got to take a long nap and have dinner at in n out. It was a fantastic day. I have the BEST husband!

And now I am caught up. I will post pictures of everything as soon as I download them. As for now I am going to enjoy the last few minutes of Wilson's nap.