Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Recap - In pictures

Christmas for us this year started with a busy bang. I was on the committee to plan the ward Christmas party. It was on December 1st so things at our house didn't start until after that. Here is Jeeves under the tree. Where he camped out until we took the tree down the day after Christmas.
I made it point this year to do lots of Christmas stuff. This was the first year that Wilson really understood the excitement of Christmas. Our list included:
Making a gingerbread something (Wilson picked out a train)
Seeing Christmas lights
Reading a wrapped Christmas book a day until Christmas
Watched Christmas shows
Party, party, party

These pictures are from Ginger bread day!

Elsie was supervising us

Wilson had a Christmas program for Pre-school

Here he is saying his line "a round chubby man"

Christmas morning! Elsie woke up first (of course).

Wilson was in awe Christmas morning.
He LOVED everything he got!
Jeeves was there to supervise all
Dressed and ready for some parties!
Hanging out with Daddy!

It was an amazing day that went by so fast!

Monday, December 10, 2012

First ER visit

As I mention in a previous post poor Wilson was sick his whole birthday weekend. Sunday (his actual birthday) Elsie started to seem like she wasn't feeling well either. By Sunday night she was crying uncontrollably. Around 11 pm I decided that she needed to see a doctor, but of course 11 pm on a Sunday night the only place open is the ER. So I put my poor crying baby in her car seat and got her in the car while Ryan stayed home with a sleeping Wilson. As we started driving down the street Elsie stopped crying. Part of me thought I should turn around and go home, but I decided something must be wrong so to the ER we went. We got there and waited maybe two minutes before they took us back. They took her temperature and it was 102 degrees. And sent us to a room to wait for the doctor. Here we are waiting. By this time she was calmed down and seemed okay. Notice her sad eyes. (be kind to my pictures it was about midnight at this time)

The doctor came and checked her ears (one was red, but not too bad). He decided she needed a urinalysis to make sure she didn't have a UTI and chest ex rays to make she didn't have pneumonia.   

After about two more hours both tests came back normal and we were sent home. Doctor said it was a virus.

After two more hard days she started to feel better.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry Christmas

 I think every year I think about sending out a Christmas card, but it has yet to happen.  Maybe next year. For this year this is what we have. Merry Christmas to all!!!

Birthday Boy!

Birthday fun started Friday this year! Wilson got to play at a friends house while I did some family pictures. As I was driving to come get him a got a call from his friends mom says Wilson kept telling her he didn't feel well and was laying on the couch watching a show. (It wasn't a great start to the birthday weekend) When I got there however he was feeling okayish and he was sitting at their table while they sang happy birthday to him!
He loved it!
That night we decided to take him to leatherby's for an ice cream treat! On the way there he fell asleep in the car (you know he isn't feeling well when that happens).

He decided he wanted a strawberry shake. The staff was nice enough to sing to him!

Wilson had fun, but was ready to go home and go to bed.

Saturday our plan was to take Wilson and his friend Bryton to Jungle Jims for some fun, however Bryton just had a baby brother born a few days before and his parents didn't want to take the risk of getting their baby sick from Wilson so we took Wilson by himself.

Wilson was so excited to have fun, but still wasn't feeling well.

 Poor kid riding the rides by himself.
 Wilson in a bumper car, but poor kid couldn't figure out how to get it to work. He spent most of his time again the rail.
 About an hour in we decided it wasn't that fun and told Wilson we would come back another day and bring Bryton.

Sunday was Wilson's actual birthday! He wanted to have Pumpkin Pancakes!
 For his birthday he got new Mario and Luigi sheets. A new bed spread. (I also painted his room)
 He got a new bike!!!
 And most importantly he got Sonic action figures!
Later that day we went to his grandma and grandpa's house for a party!
Here is Wilson getting his favorite gift a rainbow unicorn dream light!!!
Birthday cake!

I can't believe my baby boy is four years old! Love you buddy!

Birthday Cupcakes

This year Wilson's birthday fell on a Sunday. So for Preschool we decided to make cupcakes a few days before his birthday!
Wilson loved helping!
We made rainbow cupcakes!
Wilson mixing the blue batter.
Wilson and Ms. Heidi - He really was excited to take cupcakes, but this is the smile I got...
He got a birthday crown and bubbles from preschool. I told him to say Happy Birthday for the camera.  I thought it looked funny so we tried again...
Guess Happy Birthday gets funny faced pictures!