Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Ryan!!!

Monday was Ryan's 30th birthday! Wilson and I wanted to make his day special so we planned some surprises! First unexpectedly we had to take Ryan to work that morning. Wilson got so tired he fell asleep on the way there with his little tongue hanging out!

After we took Ryan to work we went home and picked up the balloon order we had placed the week before and yes we drove back to Ryan's work to surprise him. (In case you are wondering driving to Ryan's work is close to an hour round trip!) This is us as his office getting ready for the big surprise!

Here Ryan is with Wilson!

Next we headed to the Cheesecake Factory to pick up a surprise Cheesecake for dessert! We got chocolate peanut butter cookie dough and Adam's peanut butter cup fudge ripple (Delicious!). Then headed home.

My mom came over a few hours later and decorated our house with a list of Ryan's accomplishments. Accomplishments: Eagle Scout, Return Missionary, Wife and Son, Maters Degree, CPA, House! Then my mom stayed home so poor Wilson didn't have to spend another hour in the car while I went to pick up Ryan. Here he is finding his surprise!

At Ryan's request I made enchiladas for diner.
Then after a nice walk around the neighborhood we surprised Ryan with his cheesecake and sparkler candles! (These candles were actually like sparklers! In the picture they look like they are just on fire. I would highly recommend them. Lots of fun!)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This was Wilson's first Easter. Here he is in his Easter outfit (Thanks Emaw and Papa) with his new Easter book (I guess the Easter bunny knew if he gave him candy mom and dad would have to eat it).

He really didn't want his picture taken.

Here he is with his Great Grandpa Hafey.

Here he is with Emaw.

He are all the kids after the big egg hunt!

My bedroom

I have been meaning to post picture of my bedroom for a long time, but have been waiting until it is clean. Well today I came to the realization that will never happen so I took pictures anyways. We painted our room six months ago and I barely finished hanging up the pictures.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Did Martha stop by?

I am far from Martha Stewart for sure. In fact I have never really been one to decorate. I remember talking to someone about their house just before we got ours and they were telling me that they were decorating. They had been using miss matched frames and on the same nails as the home owners before. I thought that was so funny, but I found myself doing it as soon as we moved in. Now that I spend my life mostly in our living room I found myself wanting it to look nicer. So for the past little while I have been trying to decorate. Check it out. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for what to put over my picture frames please share.

Here are some flowers I planted out front. I know it looks bare, but it is a start.

Three of the these I took myself and Ryan took the other.

I created some flower arrangements. Jeeves kept following me around wanting his picture taken.

Here he is again.

This is what these look like from the top.

This is an overall view in the living room. Don't mind all of the baby stuff.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Kids?

Sometimes I feel like I am taking care of two kids instead of one. Accept the second is much faster and furrier that the first. Yep Jeeves. Ever since Wilson was born he has wanted to be the baby. He likes to take his stuff (i.e. Binky, nail clippers, blue snot sucker thing) and he likes to sleep on his stuff as you can see below. He has also started to chew on stuff a lot more than he used to I think to get attention.

Friday, April 3, 2009

This is what happens.....

This is what happens when you try to eat chocolate cake while nursing a baby!!!
Good thing he doesn't care that he is messy!