Friday, May 31, 2013


I have always found it so frustrating when I follow someones blog and they stop blogging for a period of time and then come back to write a short description of where they have been. Usually it is because they have moved or something big like that. Well I have now because that type of person. So a long story in the short version. Most of the time we lived at our house we didn't like it for so many reasons and have looked forward to the day we would move, but because many circumstances it was a thing for the future. The largest reasons was the timing of buying our house was right because housing prices fell drastically. Last fall we decided to refinance for a lower interest rate and discovered that moving wasn't that far off! But maybe a year or so. Well fast forward six months and our friends across the street sold their house in a week and a half for the price they were asking. This gave us hope! After lots of thought and prayer and speaking with real estate agents we put our house up. I knew that we needed the house on the market March 15th so that was our goal. We actually were able to list it about 8:00 pm the 14th. After only 5 or 6 showings within two days we had an offer on the table on March 16th. We were under contract! We had closing on May 3rd! We sold our house!!! While we were lucky to make a little on the sell of our home we still need to save a little more for our next home. So we have moved in with two of Ryan's sister. We moved a little farther west than our house. The moved was fast and easy! And these girls are so easy to live with. Wilson and Elsie LOVE them and love living here! We are so grateful for their generosity and kindness! So here are some pictures from my phone!

Still at our old home. Ryan reading bedtime stories!

My sweet Young Women heart attacked me!

Pookie helping me clean out the fridge!

Wilson helping our new roommate mow the lawn.

We moved in a Saturday and by the next night Wilson got the worst flu I have ever seen!

Poor guy was miserable  for 5 days...

Most of the time he just wanted to be cuddled and sleep. Once he was well he bounced right back to himself though! 

Wilson and his friend McKenzie driving in the jeep at play group! Don't they make a cute couple?!?

Pookie has never slept better through the night than she does here! Sometimes she sleeps in until 9am!

Ryan and I celebrated out 8th anniversary!

Pookie has discovered that she loves to sit at the bottom on slides (even if there are kids wanting to go down)!

We finally had a playdate with out good pals Bryton, Cole and Heather! Boy do we miss living across the street from them!

Wilson finished his year of Preschool with Ms. Heidi! 

We have discovered the awesomeness of having a huge tub!!!

Bubbles are too fun!
And that is our catch up for now. My mom has asked me to try to blog once a week to try to journal my kids growing up! I am going to try my hardest!