Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Husband

I am married to one of the smartest, cutest, most loving men I have ever met. I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend eternity with. This is a picture of Ryan on the balcony of our first cruise. This happened to be the first day (I think it might have been right after we got into our room).

I had some free time at work today and I started to read emails that Ryan sent me when we first started dating. I must admit we were a little cheezy back then, but it was so much fun to be so in love. As I was reading the emails I came across an email Ryan sent to me on my birthday and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with the world (or whoever reads this blog) a side of Ryan that most people aren't aware of. Ryan is among many things a wonderful writer. The following is a poem he wrote for me:

Silent and still, she steals my heart in Spring—
As green gives way to gold, purple and red,
With my return to life when all seemed dead.
Sneaking unseen, she stretches for that thing,
That heart which knows not what this thief will bring;
This lovely thief, as she flees it’s my dread—
Now her beauty shall stick inside my head
And I am left to feel this lover’s sting.
Yet fate heals and now she returns again,
Just like that Spring when Noah found that Dove
That marked the end of forty days of rain—
She lingers and my heart forgets it’s pain.
Welcome, my thief, my gift, my girl above,
Stay and steal me and be my only love.

As I look back at my life before Ryan I often wonder how I survived. I say that because Ryan is my world. He means everything to me. I thank my heavenly father everyday for Ryan and what an amazing man he is and that he is MY HUSBAND!

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