Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cruize: Cozumel

I thought it was time that I started to write about our Cruise mostly so I would have something to do with these pictures and so I wouldn't forget any stories about out trip. In an earlier blog I wrote about the Cruise that Ryan and I went on in December. Our first stop was Cozumel Mexico. This is a picture of the beach that we go to go snorkeling from. Isn't that beautiful? the water really is that color too!!!

Ryan is probably going to kill me for posting this picture,
but I still haven't shown him how to attach pictures so he
doesn't know how to take it off!!! This is a picture of both of
us underwater while we were snorkeling in Cozumel. Funny
We had a really cool opportunity to see a Mayan temple on Cozumel. I know they told us a lot about it, but truly the only thing I can remember is the it is so small because of hurricanes. It honestly was so cool to see.
While we were at the site of the Mayan Ruins I spotted an older
gentlemen wearing a pink fishnet shirt. I couldn't help but take
a picture. Pink Fishnet really???

We got to stand about 5 feet away from a wild Crocodile! I was really scared it could have jumped up on the deck that we were standing on
and ate us.
And last but not least we got to go see a lighthouse. I am pretty sure this was the first lighthouse I have ever seen. It was really cool. I wish we had taken a picture of the actual lighthouse, but we got one of us from the top. We had to climb I think it was like 136 steps to get to the top. My thighs were killing me by the end, but it was a beautiful view and an opportunity I don't know that I will ever get again.

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that's awesome, i want to go to mexico.