Monday, January 7, 2008

Last Day of April???

You may be wondering why the name of our blog is Last Day of April. Well, I will tell you. That is the first day that we met (well, really met) April 30, 2004. The best day of both of our lives to that point. Our lives would, of course, never be the same after that day. For the better that is. We fell in love and, well, almost four years later here we are. We have been happily married for 2 1/2 years. Mindi graduated from the University of Utah in August of 2006 in Consumer and Community Studies and Ryan graduated with his Bachelors in December 2005 in Accounting and his Masters in Accounting in December 2006 both from the University of Utah. GO UTES!!! We bought a house in West Jordan, Utah in April of 2007. We live here with our two cats Toby and Jeeves.

So here we are! Standing on the beacon of a new, not. This blog is a new crazy thing for us. We are laying it all on the line for all the world to see (at least those who happen to google "last day of April" for some reason). It is a whole new adventure, like taking a road trip a long way from home. We are out here before the interweb without a safety net, kind of like a hockey team pulling the goalie at the end to go for the win. We are going for the win. Or at least a lot of words and some fun. We hope it's fun for you too!

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