Monday, June 1, 2009

What have we been up to?

So to be honest about a month ago our house got broken into. We weren't home or anything and we are okay it has just been hard trying to recover from it. So I have been taking a break from blogging well that and I had to get a new camera and I have been to lazy to download the software. So today I finally did it and have picture galore! So first set of pictures are Ryan and I celebrating our 4 anniversary! We had my parents watch the little guy and we went to the counter burger. Yum yum yummy yum. If you have gone please go. It is so good. Then after that we went and got in the hot tub at my parents. It was nice and relaxing. It was Wilson's first time in and he love it!

Wilson recently started drinking from a sippy cute. He loves it, but still hasn't figured out when to stop so he often if covered in water!

In other news Jeeves has decided that he wants to be an outside cat. A while ago he just started screaming at the door until finally we had enough and let him go outside. The first day was hard because he was gone for a good 8 hours and thought he wasn't coming home, but since then we have gotten him a collar with a bell and can find it pretty easily that and he come when we call him for the most part.

Well that is our update. It is nice to finally get back to this. I have missed it a lot!

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Sarah said...

Oh Mindi...I'm so sorry about your house. That is terrible. I'm glad that you weren't home and no one was hurt. Stupid criminals!! So you loved Counter Burger...I'm going there on Friday with some friends from work. I can't wait. We have to get together sometime soon I've been meaning to email you, but Andy's been out of town pretty much the entire month of May and then again this week. I'll email you before the week's over and we can plan it.