Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Has anyone seen my social skills????

I am pretty sure I left them at work. I hate to blame this on my poor little baby but honestly it feels like since I have started to stay home that my social skills have started to go downhill. I must have given them away at birth. I sure hope he uses them well! Before I had Wilson I felt pretty confident in myself in most situations that at least I wouldn't say anything dumb, but most of the time I would be confident and could handle myself pretty well. Well it seems like that has changed I feel like I say things now that I never would have said and I find myself in the awkward pauses and I don't know what to say. I guess I just need to get out more and talk to adults. I remember several people telling me something about this. It usually was someone talking about their friend and how they stayed home and they felt like they needed to talk to adults. I remember thinking that I wouldn't have that problem. I knew that I would at least talk to Ryan everyday and probably my mom and sisters, but it turns out that isn't enough. Well if you find yourself talking to me and I am awkward and weird please be patient with me....I am still trying to figure out where I left them.

Come back social skills I miss you!


Scott and Shay said...

I agree with this one...I never saw it coming!!!

Trent and Whit said...

hahaha! I TOTALLY know what you mean! I'm a total goof now in social situations until the company is under 2 yrs of age. ah, gotta love mommy-hood :) hang in there

Charayne said...

So funny...totally true! It doesn't bother me, but maybe that's because I'm a social clown too? I have three now you know...maybe it's just more with each one? Good luck for all the mommies out there!