Monday, June 1, 2009

No Tomatoes this year...

So thanks to my wonderful neighbor Laraine and adorable husband I decided to plant not only a flower garden, but a vegetable garden! Wow I sure had no idea how much work both kinds of gardens are. Not only am I trying to take care of my little guy, but trying to water and weed two gardens is hard work. Well needless to say Wilson comes first, then watering and if I have time I weed. Well I am sure you can guess what has happened to my gardens. Still I am trying.

So this is a picture of my sad flower garden. Never in my life have I cared about flowers, but for some reason now I do. No thanks to our clay like dirt I am still trying to a nice garden. With the help of my wonderful neighbors including one who gave me starter plants this is what it looks like so far. Next year I am thinking of digging up all my clay and replacing it with real dirt, but we will see what happens.

These are probably my favorites at the moment. They are called flax and they are so simple and sweet and oh yes purple!

Now as for my vegetable garden. I am sure you can see all of the weeds from the picture, what what you can't see are the snails. Well I can't see them either, but they are all four well five of my tomato plants. Ryan loves tomatoes and is so sad that our garden will not have any. Sad I know, but I don't want to keep replacing them for the snails to eat.
Here is a picture of one of my eaten tomato plants.

Now this is a lovely picture of some of my spinach!

And even better this is my lettuce. I also have peas and carrots!

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Bethany P said...

Gypsum, and redwood soil conditioner will make your clay as good as new, we have the same problem. Snails: a pie tin of beer, works, or there is this lava rock you get at pool supply stores, male a perimeter and it tears them up. I am so lazy with the weeds I put down mulch, slows the weeds significantly. That is the extent of my gardening knowledge.