Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Since Wilson was born I have always wrapped him in his blanket to go to sleep. And well for the last I don't know 5 months he would fall asleep, but wake up later because he got his arms out of his wrap. Most of the time I can wrap him back up and he will go to sleep, but sometimes he wont. So it was time that he learned to go to sleep without being wrapped. Yesterday was the day. I put him in his bed on his back and left the room. He cried and cried for a good 10 minutes and then fell asleep. Here is nap number 1. On the other side of the crib on his stomach.

Nap 2 put him in his bed he cried maybe 7 minutes this time and fell asleep. Here he is again on the other side of the crib on his stomach.

Nap 3 - always a hard one. He doesn't seem to think that he needs to sleep, but he is so tired. Needless to say that it was a hard one. He cried I don't know maybe about 15 minutes and then I came in to find him sleeping on his bumper!

Nap 1 today - I was so sure we would be crying today too, but I put him down he started talking to himself and I don't know about 5 minutes later he was asleep on the original side of the crib and just on his side!

Naps might just be easy yet!

On another note, I have decide this baby weight has got to go! So yesterday I started to work out on the treadmill and to watch what I eat. It didn't go as well as planned seeing as how I had a shake at 9 pm last night, but I tried. That counts right? Well wish me luck. I have a lot to loose.


Charayne said...

It's so funny how they end up sleeping all over the place. We have some funny pics of our kids too. Good luck with the diet...er I mean healthy eating plan...that's what I call it. You're cute anyway, but I guess we all have to feel comfortable in our own skin, eh?

anniejoneslarsen said...

Three naps! Oh my dear, you are so LUCKY. Babywise and all Mack is just not a napper. At least I usually get one good one, but oh I would die for three!