Friday, August 28, 2009

A day in the life

I read a friends blog the other day and she decided to document one full day of her life as a mom of twins. Well I don't have twins, but I liked the idea. So one day when I am a really old grandmother I can look back and remember my simple days with just Wilson. So all week I have been thinking about doing this, but everyday seemed to be a little out of the ordinary so I kept waiting and waiting, until I realized no day is going to be the same so I should just do it.

So this was yesterday for us. The night before was a bad one. Wilson is teething so he woke up about 6 times in the night. Finally at 6:30 am I put him in bed with me hoping to get a little sleep.

7:10 We get up because he is just kicking me. Time to nurse. While that is going on Ryan leaves for work.

7:30 time for a little breakfast. Cereal and banana's!

And about this time the cat wakes up and screams at the door until I let him out.

7:50 time to change diaper and get dressed.

9:20 time for first nap cause we are tired.

10:05 wake early from nap crying.

10:15 after crying for 10 minutes go back to sleep

10:20 I go down stair and do my hair and get dressed. Meanwhile the cat now wants in so he can take a nap and the other cat is hungry.

11:00 baby wake up and time to nurse and have lunch. Green beans and more banana's yum!

11:30 time to play!

12:00 go visit neighbor

12:30 snack time graham crackers and juice and more playing!

1:20 time for nap 2

3:00 time to nurse

5:00 nap 3

5:10 Daddy surprises us with visit before he goes to Fantasy football picks!

5:35 baby wakes up to see daddy!

5:45 daddy leaves to go do fantasy football picks

6:00 make a quick visit to the store for a good deal on soda!

7:00 dinner time. Cereal chicken and sweet potatoes and peaches!

8:00 daddy comes home!

9:00 nurse and bed!

Okay so while I was pretty good at taking pictures of our day I wasn't so good about keeping track of time. That is pretty close but we could be off a few times, but you get the idea.


Sarah said...

Wilson soooo cute! I love this idea.

Charayne said...

what a great idea. Isn't it funny how the day goes by so quickly and how everyday is so different, yet the same. You will be glad to have it documented.