Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It seems like I have been taking a lot of random pictures lately. I don't want to miss out on the chance to blog about them so here they are in one long post! After having misplaced my small camera for about two months. With the help of Ryan and my missing phone I found it!!! Wilson loves this camera it is just his size and anytime I pull it out he wants to take picture too. So here are a few of his best pictures!

This one is my personal favorite!
About two weeks ago I scored at a garage sale with a scooter for Wilson. His cousins all have one and loves riding them. I was ecstatic when I found one his size and for a steal at $3!
We took it to Ryan's parents for him to play on Sunday and his cousins brought theirs too.
On a side note I decided to ride one of theirs for fun and totally hurt my foot. I am really getting that old?

This was my attempt at some action shots. How cute is this kid?
Wilson and me hanging out while Elsie was sleeping. Not a common occurrence yet (still working on the whole sleeping thing) so we had to document!
For a family home evening a few weeks ago we took the kids to the temple. This was one of the family pictures (minus me) we attempted.

At the end I told Wilson I wanted to take a picture of him and to smile for the camera and these are what I got...

This is how we often find Wilson before we go to bed.

And finally my sweet baby girl is getting so big. Well old, not really big. Here she is rolling over! Honestly she probably could have done it a lot sooner if I would put her on her tummy more. So cute!

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