Saturday, May 26, 2012

For the sake of posterity

I thought I should post this story on our blog. So one day I can embarrass Wilson has much as this embarrassed me. We took a family trip to Smiths today for groceries. We had one thing left to get when Wilson announced that he needed to go to the bathroom. So I sent Ryan to finish shopping and I took Wilson to the bathroom. Wilson is now 3 1/2 and is getting more and more independent everyday. Today as we walked into the bathroom he told me he was going to go by himself. We walked towards the stalls and Wilson picked one with someone right next door. I let him go in and I stayed right outside his stall. He went in and locked the stall. No more than 3 seconds later I hear the lady next door in a loud annoyed voice say "EXCUSE ME!" At first I wondered if she was asking me for something then I though I should see what Wilson is doing. I peeked under the stall and sure enough Wilson was on his hands and knees looking at the lady... I was frozen. What do you say when this happens. Does this happen to anyone but me? I yelled for Wilson to stop and then waited for what seemed like an eternity for him to finish and open the door. As soon as he did I picked him up (skipping the hand washing) and booked it out of there. Good thing he is such a cute kid!

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