Friday, April 27, 2012

Kitty Field Trip

One of Wilson's favorite teachers from nursery invited us over to her house to see her baby kittens today. We decided to go with some of Wilson's favorite friends Whitney (Wilson and her have quite the bond!), Michael and Sam. We met at their house and decided to walk over. Who knew trying to get a picture of a 4, 3,3,2 year olds would be so hard. Best I could do! Aren't they cute?!

Sam really liked holding Wilson's hand. I love it!
We are on our way!

I handed Elsie off and I was in kitty heaven!!! The kids kept bringing kitties to me!Of course I HAD to take them!
This one loved my shoulder!

All the kids loved the kitties. They chased them all around the room and played with snakes and strings.

Wilson especially loved holding the kitties. Every time I turned around he had a different kitty

 Thanks Duncan family for letting us come over. Kitty field trips are the BEST!!!

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