Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some Random thought...

Ryan and I went out with some of our really good friends tonight.
We had hamburgers and fries
and onion rings.
To top that off I also ate some cookies.
I feel super guilty.
How am I going to loose weight eating like that?

I decided today and I need to give
up this idea of who it is I want to be like
and just be me.
Back to those darn blogs.
I need to stop reading them.

So feeling so good after my weigh in yesterday
today I took a trip to Ross to see about getting a new shirt
That is one sure fire to go back to not feeling good about how you look
try on clothes.
It is however more motivation to keep working out.

Wilson has this stuffed toy Monkey we call George that he has been carrying around
Yesterday he dropped him on the floor (on accident)
picked him up and said "it's okay George"
Is there anything more precious?

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Sarah said...

That sounds like me! Last night at like 9pm I had big brownie covered with 5-6 large scoops of ice cream, carmel, nuts (healthy), fudge and whipped cream. Jeff didn't even have any. I asked myself the same question. Congrats on the 3 lbs - that's better than me! :)