Monday, June 28, 2010

No Pictures

Yesterday was quite an eventful day at our house. As I was in the bathroom doing my hair and Ryan was downstairs in the shower I noticed that Wilson was being really quite. I went out in the living room to find him drawing with a pen on my couch and on his shirt. So frantically I tried to get the ink out and was excited when it came out immediately with hair spray! I feel like I have been lucky so far that there have been no big accidents as far as Wilson's curiosity is concerned and when the ink came out right away I feel extremely lucky.

Well my luck wouldn't last long. About a half an hour later I was back the bathroom this time I decided I wanted to change my toenail polish. I had my color picked out and was taking off the old stuff when Wilson found the new one and took it to the other room. Ryan attempted to take it away by me (being so naive) said that he couldn't get it open and could play with it until I needed it. Well about 2 seconds later I hear a loud "NO" come from the other room. Turns out Wilson is stronger than I thought and had opened it and poured it out on the carpet! Well after working on it for a while I still have a pink stain on my carpet... here is to hoping a little more work will get it out.

Terrible twos here we come!!!