Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ahoy hoy

I am sure my son isn't unique is his love for electronics, especially cell phones. From a very early age he has loved to play with them, hold them, push their buttons. But lately it has been taken to a whole new level. First it was that he would pick up a phone hold it to his ear and say "hello". So cute, I can't even tell you! Now even more advanced is that it doesn't have to be a phone. At first he used things that were well not phones but made a little sense like remotes and i pods. But it gets even better here are a list of the things he has used as a phone:

hot wheels cars (a favorite of his)
hand held games (solitaire and free cell)
macaroni noodle

Once in a while I catch him with something to his ear and he is having a conversation. Usually walking around not looking at anything (picture someone talking on the phone and you get the picture). The first time it happened I was in the bathroom doing my hair and he started talking so I turned around to talk to him and he was "on the phone" talking to someone else!

I love my creative little man!

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Cher said...

ha ha. my kids did that too. i lov it.