Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two Months

Sunday Elsie turned was two months old. It is just crazy how fast it has gone. It is so exciting to see how she grows and learns. She smiles so much and loves to talk to us as well. She loves her brother and smiles at him when he is near. Here are her stats

Length 22 3/4 in 50%
Weight 10 lbs 2 oz 50%
I can never seem to remember her hear circumphrance but it was 50% as well.

We finally have her reflux under control so she is now sleeping so much better. We have good days and bed days, but overall there is a definite improvement. She as been sleeping around 6 hours at night and last night she went close to 7!

Out of curiosity I went and found what Wilson's stats were when he was two months old. It was fun to see the difference. If you are interested click here.

I love this sweet girl and can't imagine my life without her!

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