Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Recently Wilson has found a love of stuffed animals! One day he started to carry around a little bear which slowly increased to every stuffed animal he owns now has to be in his crib with him. Well....almost all. There are two in particular that for some reason he doesn't like and after every nap and every morning we find these two on the floor. We have no idea why he doesn't like them, but apparently they don't belong in his crib.

Here are a few pictures of him asleep with "acceptable" animals in his bed!


Seth and Keri said...

That is hilarious!! I LOVE it!

Cher said...

ha ha. that is so funny that he throws those two out.
and we have that same peek-a-boo elmo book that's on the floor with them. that's what it is right? that's a good crib book since it's soft.