Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Home Improvements

I thought about waiting to do this post until I had all the pictures, but then realized that I probably wouldn't do it. So here goes.

We have been doing some home improvements lastly that I wanted to document.

Yesterday for Memorial day Ryan and I put in a new kitchen sink! I don't know if it matters that we had the sink for a good two years sitting in our basements, but we did it! We still have a few kinks to work out, but it works and it looks good!



Another Before...


A few weeks ago with the help of some friends we took out this ugly bush in our front bed.

With the help of them and their handy truck.

The set up...
Its going, going...
Here is the after!
In it's place we now have a new tree. The name I don't have in front of me and of course this is the picture I am missing. But once it blooms I will show you!

All these changes got me thinking about all the changes we have done to our house since moving in.

Here they are:

Painted the Kitchen
New windows for the whole house
New carpet in 4 bedrooms and one hall
Painted the downstairs
Painted the kitchen cupboards
New lawn in front and back
New roof
Painted the office
Painted our bedroom
Decorated kitchen/downstairs living room
Fixing the deck
New sink
Fixed leaky pipe
Made sprinklers automatic

We hope to keep adding to the list.

Next project - The bathroom

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