Monday, June 6, 2011

365 Grateful

Yesterday I was reading through a photography newsletter I get and came across a documentary that is being done called 365 Grateful. Essentially it was a photographer who was down on life and decided to do a project. She took one picture a day of something that she was grateful for and put it in a book with a caption. The idea took off and many people started to do it. Now she is making a documentary about it. You can ready more about it here.

Needless to say I loved the idea. I loved how she said it not only made her life happy and have more meaning, but she saw things in the world she had never seen before.

I know life is full of wonderful things that I don't always see. I want to take time out of everyday to find and recognize something I am grateful for.

I hope to have the strength and desire to do for a full year.

Here goes nothing.

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