Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Wilson!

Last Wednesday Wilson turned 1!!! Can you believe he is one. I still can't. Well this week has been a marathon of birthday celebrations! With the help of my dear sister I made 5 cakes. Yes count them 5 cakes. 3 were footballs (seen below) for Wilson. And two were for the parties that we had and they were football fields to go along with the footballs.

On Wednesday it was just Wilson, Ryan and I. Wilson and I went and picked Ryan up from work to have lunch! So fun. Then when Ryan got home from work. Wilson got his present from us. A walker!!! Which he cares more about the stuff on the front then to actually walk with it! We figure he will get it eventually! Than it was cake time!!!

To my surprise he dug right in! He had so much fun getting the frosting everywhere! He didn't actually like the cake part and didn't care to eat it...

On to birthday celebration number 2. My family came over for some soup and cake on Saturday night! By that time Wilson had a pretty long day and wasn't really interested in presents or cake. My dear mom made him the cutes Utah jacket, pants and blanket. I need to add a picture. Thanks so much to my family for coming and celebrating with us. Wilson loves all of his gits! Here is how the cake went on round number 2.

On to round 3 it was my mom's family's thanksgiving/birthday party. This is Wilson's cute cake. He was a little more into the cake this time!

And on to our last and final round 4. After having a yummy dinner at Ryan's parents house they came back to ours for more birthday fun! After a quick nap on the way home with was ready for some birthday fun! Here is is with his new #4 jersey which he is excited to wear for the big game on Saturday! And cake was a lot more exciting this time too! Thanks so much to Ryan's family for coming and sharing Wilson's birthday with us.

Thanks to everyone for the all the gift and birthday wishes. I can't believe my baby is one! He is growing so much everyday and I am so so so thankful that he is mine. I can't wait to see how much he grows this next year!

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