Monday, July 6, 2009


Our Thursday started off pretty early as we decided to go the zoo! This was Wilson's first visit. Lately we have noticed him noticing the cats. He loves them and squeals them often. So I thought it would be a good idea to see if liked the animals at the zoo just as much.

As you can see he was really excited for the day to start!

Well as it turns out. The animals have to be moving a lot for him to even notice them. And most of the animals were content to just sit there so mostly these are the looks we got.

I had high hopes for the cats exhibit thinking that he would like to see what he sees at home on a larger scale.

Well we were this close and nothing.

Next we thought maybe something bigger and with no glass might be interesting so we sent to see the giraff. Again, nothing. But that is okay. I enjoyed seeing them!

Well finally we saw and cat that looked really similar to a house cat that was pacing in its cage. Wilson finally noticed it. We watched as his head followed that cat back and forth! It really was very cute!

We made one final attempt at something other than a cat. We went to see the elephants. They we really close, but again no interest. I guess he just loves cats like his mom!

Better luck next time zoo!

Next we went home grabbed our lunch and were off to a park to have lunch with Ryan's family. Here he is with Grandpa!

After enjoying our lunch we went down the slide a couple of times!

Next we enjoyed playing with Wilson's cousins!

And we got off the playground just in time for a huge rain storm! Then we went home and enjoyed a nice relaxing evening at home knowing we needed rest for the next few days full of fun!

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