Monday, July 6, 2009


Happy 4th of July!!! I started the day off by helping the Young Woman put out flags at 7:00 am! Then Ryan, Wilson and I went to a breakfast at my parents ward! (Sorry no pictures of that) Then we went home for a good nap some puzzling and lunch and then we were off to Ryan's parents house to celebrate Ryan's mom's birthday (yep the 4th of July) and for a day of fun and games. Well for Wilson and I it was a day of napping and some games.

*** Thanks mom for the cute 4th of July outfit!

This is Ryan, Wilson and Sarah watching everyone play Apple to Apples.

This is everyone playing a way fun game called Werewolf (similar to mafia). You point your finger when you have decided who you think is the werewolf.
Then all at one everyone points to who they think it is!
More pictures of Apples to Apples while Sadie (cute girl in the middle) told everyone what character they were from Annie. She told me I am Mrs. Hannigan (what? Am I really that mean?)

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