Monday, July 6, 2009


The 3rd of July. Friday was my sister Jenica's birthday! My parents a had a BBQ at their house. Here is Wilson playing with the wrapping from Jen's presents!

Then we were off to Granite High School for fireworks! Here is Emaw and Wilson getting set up for fireworks!
Papa and Wilson dancing to the music!
By the time fireworks were ready to start Wilson was exhausted. It was more than an hour past his bedtime. So he took a quick 10 minute nap to make it through. (He actually slept through the first 5 minutes of fireworks which really surprised me!)

Here he is enjoying the fireworks with Daddy! He really liked them and the noise didn't bother him at all!

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Jill said...

I was there! I wish I would have known you were too so I could have seen you! I sure do miss not having you at work!