Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where have I been?

It seems like I go in stages with blogging. Like for a while I will be really good and blog a lot and then I will have some dry spells. I am in one of those right now. I got a new camera and haven't loaded the software so that is part of my problem and the other is that I read on someones blog about people posting pictures of their kids and then someone tries to take them. And if you know anything about me I am super paranoid and so now I am scared to post pictures. And I really really don't want to make my blog private. So there is my dilemma. What should I do?

Well as for all we have been up... not much. We went and saw Star Trek on Monday. It was awesome. Ryan isn't a Star Trek fan but still liked it. I on the other had love Star Trek so I thought it was pretty cool! We haven't really been seeing movies lately because of the little one, but are glad to announce that he did well at the movies so now we can stay on top of all the new ones coming out and man are there a lot of good ones. We are super exicited! Next on our list is Angels and Demons (I am super excited for that one!).

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Brady and Lisa said...

Mindi, if you read that on my blog, you don't need to be as paranoid as I am. I just come from a family of over-worriers, so therefore, I wouldn't be at ease unless I go private. Also, I have paranoid family, so if I want to be able to post pictures of my baby with his cousins and things, I don't have permission unless my blog is private. Definitely be cautious and don't give location info and specifics, but you should be more than fine! Keep showing us that cute little guy! I miss you by the way! And coming from one mom who wants to keep up on movies to another, try and I have watched pretty much all the movies I've wanted to since having him! :)