Tuesday, February 10, 2009

12 Weeks Old

Today Wilson is 12 weeks old. Can you believe it? I know I can't. I can't believe that I have been a mother for 12 weeks. Last night I had one of those moments when I looked at Wilson and couldn't believe that I actually had a baby. Wilson is a wonderful baby. He doesn't cry too much usually just when he is tired that of hasn't had enough sleep. He loves to talk and look around at things. He is holding his head up really well! He has started to suck on things (anything he can get to his mouth).
Here is is holding his rattle!
Here he is hanging out with dad on the couch!

What a blessing he is to have in our lives. I can't imagine my life without him!


Anthony Simister said...

He seriously has the cutest smile...he always seems so alert! You are doing such a great job....when we all get feeling better WE WILL GET TOGETHER!!!!!

Anthony Simister said...

this is Charayne btw...sorrry!

Seth and Keri said...

Darling! I love the pic of Wilson and Ryan on the couch.

Sam Wright said...

Mindi! Your baby is SO darling!