Monday, January 26, 2009


Here are a few things that I have learned about motherhood so far:
1. I think my baby is cuter than any other baby!
2. It breaks my heart to hear my own baby cry.
3. I am very protective of who holds him.
4. The things that I thought would be hard are easy and the things that I thought would be easy are hard.
5. Nap time seems to be the only time I can get anything done.
6. Taking a nap myself is really hard to do.
7. Even after two months it is still hard to believe that I am a mom.
8. My favorite baby smile is the one he gives his dad when he comes home!
9. Sundays are the hardest day of the week.
10. I can only go one place each anthing else is too hard.
11. Babies really are a gift from Heaven!

This is Wilson in his blessing outfit!
This is my favorite look. He usually does it when he is standing up!
Last Friday Wilson started to suck his thumb. It has only happened twice and both times we got it on camera. How cute!
Shoes are starting to fit. These are cute ones his aunt Jenica gave him. Thanks Jen!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad I got to hold him --- he is so HANDSOME in that onesie! :) You are such a great mom.

Seth and Keri said...

Love, LOVE the pics. I agree that he is pretty much the cutest baby alive :)

Brady and Lisa said...

He is so stinking cute! I love that first and second picture! I can't believe it's really been 2 months!

Scott and Shay said...

Wow! He is soooo adorable. Ours are two months today! I can't believe how fast time goes...and I agree, motherhood is nothing like I expected!

Trent and Whit said...

i love the thumb sucking!!! That's so stinkin' cute!