Thursday, January 15, 2009


Please forgive the terrible pictures I had to take them myself, but I decided to cut my hair. I know it is what all new moms do and I wanted to be a part of the club. I hear most people say that they do it because it is easier to do and I don't know it is really true, but it was fun to have a change. I have also decided not to do highlights. They are so expensive so I guess we are going to see what my natural hair color really looks like. By the way that cute headband I am wearing I got at target with another one for only a dollar! I love dollar corner!

Best I could do for the back by myself.


Trent and Whit said...

i love the hair! so cute! sorry I didn't call you back the other day. We do need to get together, though.

Brady and Lisa said...

It's very cute! I really like it! When I got my hair cut, I was told that it was like a cute mom cut...and that was before I was even pregnant! :)