Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blessing cont.

I wrote this long blog about the blessing and then it got messed up and I ran out of time and had to post something shot.

Here is what I really wanted to say.

I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband that honors his priesthood who could bless our baby. He did such a wonderful job. It was the coolest thing listening to him bless him. It was one of those moments where I couldn't believe that I am actually a mother. That the baby he was holding was ours.

I am also so thankful for a wonderful family that would come and support us. I am so thankful for my parents who did so much in helping us get ready for that day. They made and bought food and come over with chairs and tables and helped us clean up after. They are so wonderful. I am also thankful for all of our family that helped in bringing food. It all tasted so good and the day would not have gone well without their help.

And last of all I am thankful for my beautiful little boy. He is more then I could have ever asked for.


Brady and Lisa said...

That's really exciting! I bet you are just loving every moment of being a mom! That little boy will never go unloved! His mom and dad care about him so much! Such a cute family!

Scott and Shay said...

Mindi...I love hearing about what everyone is so grateful for. I am so grateful to be a mom now too. It's amazing how much I love my babies so quickly!
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