Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Long time no blog...

I have had several people talk to me recently about my lack of blogging so I thought I should get on the ball and start. I do want to apologize I don't know where my camera cord is so I can't post any pictures. Here is the update on the Hettinger household:
1- I am officially 33 weeks along today. That means only 7 weeks to go. Wow, I guess 7 weeks isn't that far away, however, it still feels like forever.
2- We ordered a measurement for our carpet yesterday. We are re carpeting our bedroom, the babies room and one more room down stairs. Exciting!!!
3- Ryan and I spent last Saturday with my dad and we painted our room. We painted 2 shades of sage. Light on the top and dark on the bottom. It looks sooooo good (well if you don't look to closely at our mistakes). Once I find my camera cord I will post a picture.
4- We officially don't have a name for our baby, but have begun to talk about it again! I hope we find one before he is born...
5- We have successfully moved our office from upstairs to down stairs to make room for the baby (by we I mean Ryan I didn't help at all)
6- I was called to the Young Woman's in our ward about a month ago. It has been fun so far and I am super excited to work with the girls!
7- I have my first baby shower this Saturday and I am super excited!!!

That is all I can think of right now. I promise to be more diligent in my blogging!

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Seth and Keri said...

It's about dang time! :) That is way about exciting about being in the Young Womens! You will do a great job!