Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Top 5 things I love about being pregnant

5. Getting hugs from people. Lately I have noticed that people who would not normally give me a hug do. They always say they are so excited for me. I love hugs!!!

4. When I am holding one of my cats on my stomach the baby usually kicks them. Either the cats don't care or they can't feel it, but I love that he does it to them. I am excited to see how they react to having a baby around!

3. Eating ice cream whenever I want. I know it is a bad excuse and I will pay for it later, but I love love love eating ice cream and the baby seems to like it too!!!

2. Every time Ryan kisses me he touches my belly! It is the sweetest thing and I don't think Ryan even realizes that he does it.

1. Having Ryan talk to my belly. I am so excited to see Ryan hold our baby for the first time!


Seth and Keri said...

I love this post. It makes being pregnant actually sound like a lot of fun. I am so excited to meet this baby!

Jenna said...

soo cute! I love Hugs too..i have a gift for you, i will get it to you soon.