Monday, March 24, 2008

Well after trying for 3 months it finally happen! We are pregnant!!! I really can't beleive. We are both in shock. It was kinda funny how we found out. I took the test and when it was time to look I took it to Ryan to have him look at it. He actually thought I had looked and found out it was negative so he looked at it once and saw the one line and gave me a sad look. I then turned it over and looked at it and was shocked when it showed a positive. I just stared at it. Then Ryan looked again and we were both in shock! Needless to say I stared at it for a good portion of the morning. How blessed we are!!!!!

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Trent and Whit said...

Shock, disbelief, joy. . .what a wonderful thing!!!! I'm sooooo excited for you guys! You had me all flustered on Saturday and I just wanted to sit and touch your tummy and hear all about how you are doing and baby preparations and all of that. I guess we will have to go out to lunch or something soon so I can hear all about it!!