Thursday, August 7, 2014


Tuesday August 5, 2014 my sweet baby boy started kindergarten. 

This is a time that we have been preparing for for what seems like forever. Wilson is not too good with change (similar to his mother) and hasn't wanted to go pretty much since we started talking about it. Last week we met his teacher Mrs. Woolf and got to see his classroom (which went a long way to helping him not be nervous). 

I have always heard that sending them to kindergarten was hard, but never really understood why. He only goes half a day and will be home before I know it. But once I had my sweet Delilah I couldn't help but connect Wilson and her. I hold her late at night and think about him going to school and remember him has a newborn. Now almost 6 years later he is so big. Still I didn't think much of him going. 

We decided to do afternoon kindergarten (first because I was hoping to make it so both girls napped while he was gone and I could either nap or get things done and second because our morning usually go by fast, but afternoons drag on). 

After lunch on Tuesday Wilson got on his shoes and backpack and headed to the front porch for some pictures. I didn't really recognize his nerves until I asked him to smile for me. He is very distracted and nervous as you can see.

This one is a little better (note that I could not get Elsie out of the picture, she just wanted to be by him)

Luckily Wilson has a friend across the street named Corbin who also started kindgergarten that day. We all walked to the bus stop together (and it eased his nerves to have someone with him)

They even sat next to each other on the bus!

We followed the bus for comfort (for both Wilson and me) so we could meet him when he got off the bus. Once he got there I asked him if he liked it and with a smile he said "did you know it is light on the bus?" I said "yes" but I really wasn't sure what on earth he was talking about.

He got to play for a minute and then it was time to line up for class.


And off he went...

I left the school with my two girls in tote not really sure how I was feeling (sad/anxious/nervous) until I called Ryan on the phone and as soon as I heard his voice I started to cry. I finally understood what everyone was talking about. My little boy is growing up. He is in school which he will be for the rest of the time he is with me. There are a few hours everyday this year (and tons more from next year on) that I don't know what he is doing. What he is saying and what he is learning (good and bad). Not only have I lost control of all of that, but I have lost the ability to protect him from the bad. He is going to have to make decisions on his own now. All I can do is trust his teachers and him to do the best they can. I have to say that I want to hold him a little closer now and take each moment for the time that it is and not wish it away. I know it will go too fast.

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Seth, Keri, Con and Finn said...

Even reading your post, I am a little emotional thinking about sending Con. Those pics of him totally capture how he must have been feeling. I still can't believe he is in kindergarten!