Sunday, July 20, 2014

Delilah Michelle Hettinger

The story of my sweet Delilah begins about 2 1/2 years ago. Right after the birth of Elsie I was sitting in the hospital holding her and talking to Ryan. I all of a sudden felt that there was another spirit in heaven waiting for us.  

Fast forward to June 28, 2014 when that sweet spirit was born 2 weeks and 5 days early. This pregnancy was about the same as my others. I was sick and tired and it was hard (especially because I had two other kids to take care of). I woke up on Saturday morning as Ryan went to get Elsie out of bed when all of a sudden I felt liquid drip out of abnormal places. I went to the bathroom and waited for Ryan to come in. I informed him that I wasn't joking, but I thought my water might have broken but I wasn't sure. We talked about it and because it wasn't a lot and it wasn't still dripping that we would wait and see what happens in the next little while. After waiting for an hour or so we finally decided I would go to the hospital while Ryan stayed home (just in case my water had not broken). 

I got to the hospital around 9 am and was checked in. The whole time I honestly was nervous that my water had not broken and they would laugh at me (because I had peed my pants) and send me home. Luckily as I was changing into the hospital gown I had a big rush of water and I knew for sure my water had broken. They checked me and I was at a 2. I called Ryan who dropped the kids off to his mom and then went and picked up a few things we needed at the store and come over. 

My cervix wasn't soft enough to start petocine they gave me a pill for that. They checked me again in 4 hours to see if I was soft enough to start petocine. After 4 hours I wasn't soft enough and had to repeat the process. Finally at 7 they were able to start petocin. They checked me again at 8:40 and I was at a 5. About 20 minutes later I felt like pushing. The nurse however didn't think I would be a 10 at this point and told me to wait. When I felt the urge again I asked her to check me. Still reluctant she did and was surprised that I was ready to go. 

After waiting for get things ready and for the doctor to come in. Two pushes later at 9:22 pm my sweet baby was born. 6 lbs 6 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. 

She was really purple when she was born (Ryan and I were worried about it, but the doctor said it was normal) Also, because of medicine I took when I was pregnant she was really calm and didn't want to cry, but again it was normal.  

The first night in the hospital the nurse came to me and said they found a heart murmur in Delilah and that they needed to contact the pediatrician to find out if they wanted to do an echo right away. The doctor said that since everything else was looking good that they would hold off and do it in the morning. The following morning the murmur was gone. Since then everything has gone well and she is a perfect angel. 

The following morning Wilson and Elsie were able to come visit her. They have loved her every moment since! 

Ryan is in love with his little baby and she loves him just as much.

After we left the hospital Monday morning I had to go to the pediatrician the following day to make sure her bilirubin numbers were okay.  The numbers didn't end up looking good and we had to go back 2 more times until they did.

The following day Delilah threw up blood twice and we had to go back to the doctor to get an xray. Turns out all the blood was from nursing and she was okay. 

Since our sweet Elsie struggled so much with reflux for the first year of her life I have been really scared that Delilah would have the same problems. Since her birth I have watched for all the signs that she might have it. At about a week and a half I was concerned that she had it. Things like spit up out her nose and what seemed to be pain after nursing. I called the doctor and at her two week appointment she confirmed that it was reflux. We got her on medicine and things have gone much better since. My fingers are crossed that it wont be to the same extreme as Elsie. Only time will tell. 

My sweet girl still loves to sleep most of the day. She is really good at nursing. She loves to be held by anyone. She smiles a lot in her sleep. Wilson loves to see her with her eyes open. Elsie loves to pet her head and hold her. 

We are so grateful that she has joined our family. We love you Delilah!

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