Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family Pictures

The Hettinger Family 2012

My dear friend Heather took our pictures this week. 
Love what she got!

As I uploaded the pictures and edited them I couldn't help but think about my wonderful family.
First, my amazing husband! 
I love love love this man. 
He is an awesome dad a wonderful husband and provider
and he is a wonderful example to both me and our children!
I wouldn't be the person I am without him!
Next my baby Wilson.
I know he isn't a baby anymore, but he will always be my baby!
He is the twinkle in my eye. 
Everyday he has something new to say that blows me away. 
He is smart, funny and most of all he is compassionate!
Wilson has taught me how to be a good mom. 
I am so grateful everyday that Wilson is patient with me. 
My little miss Elsie
At four months old she is a ball of life. 
She is all smiles and a ball of joy.
Elsie loves to bounce and talk and eat anything made of fabric.
She is growing and learning new things everyday.
I am so grateful she has joined our family!
 I am so grateful for my life. 
Grateful for the chance to by a mom and to stay home with my kids.
And most of all I am grateful for my amazing family!

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Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Oh Mindi -- What a beautiful family. I am SO happy for you!