Thursday, March 8, 2012

Things to remember

Right after Elsie was born Ryan sent out a mass text to family and friends. Ryan's parents who were watching Wilson for us asked Wilson if he wanted to say anything to his daddy and Wilson replied "ask Daddy where the fence is." (It was a toy he was looking for at their house).

Elsie didn't cry much her first few days (accept when she was hungry) but when she did cry it sounds almost like a monkey!

Elsie loves to sleep with both arms above her head and close to both ears (just like Wilson did when he was a baby).

When Wilson first wakes up in the morning he comes into my room and says "wake up mommy. Where is Elsie?"

When I am nursing Elsie Wilson often wants either to hold her or for me to hold him (luckily he settles for me putting my free arm around him).

There have been a few people that have asked Wilson if they can take Elsie home with them and each time Wilson responds "no, cause we have her car seat."

I feel so lucky that Wilson loves Elsie and that he just accepts that she is his little sister.

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Sarah said...

She is so sweet! Sounds like Wilson is going to be a great big brother.